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Arthritis runs in John’s family. But at 75 years young and an active sportsman he wasn’t ready to give up his favorite activities. Three months after his hip replacement he was hitting tennis balls and was back on the snow.

After two decades, I can bend over without my back going out. It makes me tear up with gratitude. I love this surgeon. I feel grateful that he worked so hard, learned so much, and cares so deeply about healing people.”

“Anyone who is questioning or nervous about getting a hip replacement, don’t spend any more of your life in pain or with limitations. There is so much life ahead of you. Thank you Dr. Mast”

“I could no longer stand up straight or hike without being all bent over. Then I wasn’t able to bend over anymore and walking became painful. Sleep was constantly interrupted … My husband and I became afraid that I would end up in a wheelchair..”