About Dr Mast

First, I would like to thank you for visiting my site, and taking the first steps in empowering yourself to be the best advocate for your own health! I am a firm believer that the most educated patients are the most successful patients in achieving their desired outcomes.

If you’re interested in how I became an orthopedic surgeon and how my father’s career as a pioneer in the field inspired me, watch this video:

I am a specialist in surgery of the Hip and Pelvis in San Francisco. My interests include non-replacement options for hip arthritis, as well as the latest techniques in minimally invasive hip replacement and resurfacing, I am also trained in the management of complex pelvic and acetabular trauma.

My credentials include completion of residency under the direction of Professors Harold Dunn and Charlie Saltzman at the University of Utah. In addition to an excellent exposure to the breadth of orthopedics, I had an excellent exposure to joint replacement and osteotomy under the tutelage of Dr. Chris Peters, Dr. Peter Stevens, Dr. Harold Dunn, and Dr. Aaron Hofmann. I was quite involved in the clinical experience of the PAO and Surgical dislocation while working with Dr. Peters.

Following completion of residency, I spent 1 year under the direction of Dr. Joel Matta where I became a student of hip and pelvis surgery. While under Dr. Matta’s direction I participated in over 180 anterior approach total hip arthroplasties, over 40 acetabular/pelvic fractures, and over 25 PAOs. I became well versed in the use of the orthopedic table for hip and pelvis surgery. I became quite comfortable in the application of the Heuter approach for a wide variety of hip pathologies. In our trauma work, I became familiar with the philosophy and surgical stratagem of Letournel. Following my work under Dr. Matta, I returned home to work with my father, Dr. Jeffrey Mast. I had six very valuable months working along side my father in a private general orthopedic practice setting in Reno, Nevada. During this time, I continued to perform complex procedures of the pelvis and acetabulum, as well as anterior approach arthroplasty.

In March of 2009 I began a 6 month international fellowship. I was selected by AONA as the recipient of the 2009 Martin Allgower fellowship. The main purpose of this fellowship was to become stronger in understanding the current indications and applications of joint preserving procedures around the hip. I travelled to Zurich, Switzerland and to Paris, France to work under recognized world experts in hip surgery. This led me to work with Dr. Michael Leunig, Dr. Reinhold Ganz, and Dr. Frederic Laude. In addition to participating in a variety of surgical cases, under the direction of both Drs. Ganz and Leunig, I worked on both clinical and basic science research. Current topics of investigation include: optimizing indications in arthroscopy of the hip, anatomic investigations of the PAO, application and results of surgical dislocation and femoral neck osteotomy for a variety of pathologies.

Having completed my fellowship training I returned home to San Francisco. I have been building my practice on a solid foundation of training. I am indebted to my mentors and teachers. As I continue to develop my practice, my goal remains the same. To provide the highest quality care that I can to each and every patient.

As my father taught me early in my medical career, to practice good medicine… “treat each patient as if they are your own family.”

I look forward to hearing from you!