Marilyn – back to hiking without pain after hip replacement

“I’m 73 years old, I am 4’10” and weigh about 100 pounds…and am a very grateful recipient of a new hip by Dr. Mast. Decades ago I injured myself in a yoga class and when my leg started hurting again (about 4-5 years ago) from my inner groin down to my knee I thought for sure it was related to that injury. At first I ignored it thinking it would heal on its own. When it didn’t I tried different therapies and massage. It kept getting worse. My knee and thighs really hurt!  I could no longer stand up straight or hike without being all bent over. Then I wasn’t able to bend over anymore and walking became painful. Sleep was constantly interrupted as the pain in my knee would wake me up when I moved. My husband and I became afraid that I would end up in a wheelchair.

I could no longer stand up straight or hike without being all bent over. Then I wasn’t able to bend over anymore and walking became painful. Sleep was constantly interrupted … My husband and I became afraid that I would end up in a wheelchair..

Marilyn before surgery

Marilyn after surgery

I finally sought out a doctor here in Mount Shasta who immediately had me get x-rays of my hips.  He told me the x-rays revealed that I needed to get my hips replaced and he referred me to Dr. Mast who he said is the best.  I discovered that our neighbor and close friend, Tom, had both of his hips replaced by Dr. Mast years ago. Tom raved about Dr. Mast! Many others from Mount Shasta had very successful surgeries done by Dr. Mast as well. Of course, I also googled Dr. Mast and read the most wonderful reviews.  I called, made an appointment and my husband and I drove down to Novato to see him.

My surgery was scheduled for June 21st, 2022 to get my right hip replaced.  Everyone leading up to my surgery was extremely caring, helpful, patient and professional.  All my questions were answered.   I also spoke with friends who had their hips replaced which was very helpful.  I had no idea how common hip replacement surgery is!  I arrived at the hospital early in the morning, was warmly greeted, taken through the steps preparing me for surgery, and before I knew it I was in the recovery room.  As soon as I was brought to my room in the hospital they had me walking.  To my surprise, walking was easy and I could walk much further than they suggested.   The nurses and assistants in the hospital were as kind, attentive and helpful as they could be!   They gave me pain medication, of course, but I really didn’t experience much pain at all.

I was released from the hospital the next morning and my husband and I made the trip back to Mount Shasta stopping along the way so I could walk for 5 minutes every hour or so with my walker.   I continued to walk with the walker for about 4 days when I discovered I could easily walk with a cane.   About 4 days later I realized I could walk without the cane, too.  I was impressed as some I had talked with said they needed the walker and cane for weeks.  I also found that I only needed extra-strength Tylenol for pain with just a few exceptions.  That also, according to others, was unusual.  My friend took the narcotic pain pills for at least 3 weeks.

Two weeks after my surgery I began working with a physical therapist at the hospital.  He was amazed at how fantastic I was doing!  He also commented that he wasn’t surprised because Dr. Mast is the best surgeon. I know of a man who had his hip replaced long before I had mine and he’s still experiencing pain. A neighbor up the street had his done and had to have it redone 7 times due to infection.  And another I heard of had his replaced here in Mount Shasta before I did and he is still in pain.

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that Dr. Mast is my surgeon!  I’ve healed very fast with no complications. The scar is right at my bikini line and hardly noticeable.  It’s been 3 months since my surgery and I’m back to hiking the beautiful trails of Mount Shasta with no pain which I was afraid I’d never get to do again.  I am living in a state of gratitude!  Thank you, Dr. Mast!”

Nicholas Mast MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in conditions of the hip and pelvis.

Trained in pelvic and acetabular trauma and reconstruction by some of the best in the field, his treatments range from non-replacement options for the management of hip osteoarthritis to complex revision surgeries and hip preservation techniques including periacetabular osteotomy.

He is the most experienced surgeon in the region in the use of the anterior approach for hip replacement and regularly uses this minimally invasive, fast recovery anterior approach to treat a wide variety of hip conditions.