Bouncing Back to Full Sports: Bay Area Tech Executive Thrives After Second Hip Replacement with Dr. Mast

Meet Rob, a Bay Area technology executive with an unyielding passion for sports. From tennis to waterskiing, snow skiing, and even “wake surfing” behind boats, Rob embraced an active lifestyle until hip impingement brought him to a crossroads. Reluctant at first, he eventually sought help from orthopedic specialist Dr. Nicholas H. Mast, setting the stage for a remarkable comeback.

Initially dismissing the discomfort as a muscle pull, Rob delved into research, uncovering the need for further exploration. X-rays revealed extensive arthritis, and the suggestion of a hip replacement loomed. At 50, Rob hesitated, feeling he was too young for such a procedure. A friend, also an orthopedic doctor, intervened, advising him to choose a specialist for active patients. That specialist turned out to be Dr. Mast.

Following a consultation with Dr. Mast, Rob underwent his first hip replacement, driven by the desire to maintain his active lifestyle. The success of the surgery laid the foundation for Rob’s confidence in undergoing a second hip replacement when the need arose. 

Approaching the second surgery with less fear, Rob underwent the procedure with Dr. Mast. Post-surgery and recovery, he discovered a newfound liberation. Skiing, waterskiing, wave surfing, mountain biking, and running—all activities he loved—became integral parts of his life again. Understanding the need to protect the remaining hip before the second surgery, Rob had temporarily curtailed some activities. Post the second surgery, however, he experienced enhanced confidence, feeling capable of resuming his cherished pursuits. Pre-surgery training proved instrumental in expediting and improving his recovery.

Within three weeks, Rob walked half a mile post-surgery, progressing to 1-2 miles by the fourth week. Soon after, he resumed working out and engaged in various activities. A mere four months post the second hip surgery, he was back on the slopes, skiing with his wife.

“I had more confidence and felt that I could do just about anything I used to do, and that has been liberating because I enjoy my sports and activities in my free time!”

Rob’s story is a testament to the transformative impact of specialized care and determination in reclaiming an active and fulfilling life after hip replacement surgeries.

Ron skiing with his wife after his second hip surgery (four months from the surgery!).

“I had more confidence and felt that I could do just about anything I used to do and that has been liberating because I enjoy my sports and activities in my free time!”  

Nicholas Mast MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in conditions of the hip and pelvis.

Trained in pelvic and acetabular trauma and reconstruction by some of the best in the field, his treatments range from non-replacement options for the management of hip osteoarthritis to complex revision surgeries and hip preservation techniques including periacetabular osteotomy.

He is the most experienced surgeon in the region in the use of the anterior approach for hip replacement and regularly uses this minimally invasive, fast recovery anterior approach to treat a wide variety of hip conditions.