David – Back to cycling 100s of miles a month

David is an active 60-year-old who lives on the peninsula.  He was having severe hip pain while riding his bike and walking – but following his hip replacement performed by Dr. Mast, he is now back to riding his bike for hundreds of miles a month.

Weight gain after hip replacement is down to fluid retention

What causes weight gain immediately after hip replacement? It’s not the weight of your new implant. It’s down to your body’s inflammatory response following surgery.

How We Manage Your Pain after Hip Replacement Surgery

Effective pain management is key to a great recovery. At the Hip and Pelvis Institute, we take a multi-pronged approach to minimize the amount of pain you experience post-surgery.

What makes us Different?

Something that sets us apart at the Hip & Pelvis Institute is the fact that we are entirely focused on issues relating to the hip and pelvis. We are very proud of the fact that we now have a registry of well over 3,000 hip cases where we’ve been able to demonstrate very good outcomes with very low risk.

What Equipment Will I Need After Hip Replacement Surgery?

After your surgery, the nursing team will help you put on some compression stockings. While not the most attractive accessories, they help control swelling and prevent blood clots. On discharge from hospital or surgical center you will also be provided with a walker.

When is The Right Time To Get a Hip Replacement?

The short answer is, you’ll know when the time is right for you. Ask yourself, is your hip pain making your life smaller, or slowly reducing the number of activities you can participate in? It might be time to consider a replacement.

The Consultation Process – What to Expect

A lot of people have some trepidation when they go see a surgeon, so having an understanding of the workflow from the outset is important.

Can you take care of me if I live out of state?

The short answer is yes! We can look after you. In fact, we see quite a few patients at our center who come to us for surgery from out of the area.

Does Dr. Mast use Surgical Robots for Hip Replacement?

Dr. Mast shares his thoughts on the use of surgical robots.

Will a Dual Mobility Implant give me better Range of Motion (ROM)?

Dr. Mast has operated on many athletes, dancers and yogis -who regularly require a large range of motion – without using dual mobility implants. Here he discusses why he doesn’t generally use them.