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Dr. Nicholas Mast’s Innovative Techniques for Swift Hip Surgery Recovery and Enhanced Mobility

Are hip pain and limited mobility hindering your daily activities? Reclaim your life and rediscover the joy of movement with Dr. Nicholas Mast’s advanced hip replacement surgery. As a renowned specialist with over 3200 successful surgeries, Dr. Mast is committed to reducing recovery time and optimizing mobility. He is committed to upholding the highest standards of care and staying abreast of cutting-edge technology and research in hip surgery and recovery.

Anterior Hip Replacement 

Dr. Mast’s journey into the realm of anterior hip replacement began during his orthopedic surgery training in Salt Lake City, Utah, under the mentorship of esteemed hip surgeons such as Dr. Howard Dunn, Dr. Chris Peters, and Dr. Aaron Hoffman. However, it was witnessing the remarkable outcomes achieved by patients of Dr. Joel Matta, that opened Dr. Mast’s eyes to alternative techniques.

Inspired by Dr. Matta’s patients, who were able to resume activities like golf or skiing in a fraction of the time it took conventional hip replacement patients, Dr. Mast underwent a year-long fellowship with Dr. Matta to master the anterior approach. Since 2007, Dr. Mast has been implementing this technique, showcasing a commitment to optimizing patient outcomes and reducing recovery times.

The Importance of the Surgical Table in Hip Replacement 

Central to the success of the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty is the specialized orthopedic table designed for precise patient positioning during surgery. Dr. Mast emphasizes that without this table, exposure is compromised, and utilizing X-rays for implant position control becomes challenging.

Comparing the process to tuning skis on a workbench, Dr. Mast highlights the importance of a stable platform for achieving optimal precision during surgery. He explores the intricate technical details of these tables and their contribution to elevating surgical precision. Specific tables, such as the Hana and ProFX, are integral to ensuring the success of the anterior approach. 

Precision in Implant Positioning

Dr. Mast emphasizes the critical role of implant positioning in the joint for a successful hip replacement, particularly for athletes seeking a swift return to their previous activities. The surgeon’s skill and precision in controlling implant position are pivotal for patients to seamlessly integrate the new joint into their bodies. This section explores the techniques employed by Dr. Mast to achieve optimal implant positioning.

Compression Boots for Intra-operative Blood Clot Prevention 

A crucial aspect of Dr. Mast’s approach to hip surgery involves the use of compression boots to prevent intra-operative blood clot formation. This preventive measure contributes to a safer surgical environment and mitigates potential postoperative complications.

Recovery and Follow-up Care  Following anterior approach hip replacement, Dr. Mast’s patients typically experience a brief 24-hour hospital stay, with a significant portion returning home on the same day. Immediate postoperative mobility, including full weight-bearing on the hip, is encouraged.

Dr. Mast and his team go beyond in-hospital care by providing patients with comprehensive workbooks and home exercise guides. These resources are designed to support patients in their journey towards a speedy recovery and the regaining of full mobility. Physical and occupational therapy, though initiated in the hospital, continues through the use of tailored exercises and educational materials provided to patients.

Dr. Nicholas Mast’s specialized techniques, encompassing the anterior  approach, precision in implant positioning, and innovative use of tools like compression boots, exemplify a commitment to reducing patient recovery time and enhancing mobility. By combining surgical expertise with thoughtful postoperative care, Dr. Mast continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of hip surgery techniques, ultimately benefiting patients seeking optimal outcomes.

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About Dr. Nicholas H. Mast

Nicholas H. Mast MD, a private practice orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco, CA specializing in surgery of the hip and pelvis.

Dr. Mast is board certified in orthopedic surgery and trained by some of the very best in hip surgery. In addition to completing a residency in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Mast has completed advanced postdoctoral fellowships in pelvic and acetabular trauma and reconstruction.

He has done advanced training in the anterior approach for hip replacement. He has completed international fellowship training in hip preservation including periacetabular osteotomy and hip arthroscopy.

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