Left to Right: Isis Etorma, Licensed Vocational Nurse and Patient Care Coordinator; Kris Piacente, Office Manager; Dr. Nicholas H. Mast, Orthopedic Surgeon and Specialist of the Hip and Pelvis; Janae Kelly, Patient Concierge; Nydia Rodriguez, Medical Assistant and Surgery Scheduler.

Nicholas H. Mast, MD

Dr. Nicholas H. Mast Orthopedic Surgeon Specializes in the Hip and Pelvis Since 2009 my practice has centered around surgical treatment of the hip and pelvis in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have sought excellence in clinical application of the techniques that I have learned. I have worked to perfect the techniques in my own hand. I have now done over 4000+ hip procedures and I now work to disseminate my findings through research, publication, and the training of new surgeons. My proudest accomplishment is that I have created a practice that embodies my philosophy of care. From the front desk to scheduling, to on call support, the practice reflects what I would want for myself or my loved ones. For this reason remaining independent as a physician has been important to me. My credentials include completion of residency under the direction of Professors Harold Dunn and Charlie Saltzman at the University of Utah. During this time I was mentored by excellent surgeons including Dr. Chris Peters, Dr. Peter Stevens, and Dr. Aaron Hofmann. Following completion of residency, I spent one year as a Fellow under the direction of Dr. Joel Matta where I focused solely on hip and pelvis surgeries. While under Dr. Matta’s direction, I participated in over 180 anterior approach total hip arthroplasties, over 40 acetabular/pelvic fractures, and over 25 PAOs. This was a remarkable number of cases at the time when anterior approach was an uncommon technique for hip replacement surgery. I became well versed in the use of the Hana Table, specifically designed and intended for hip and pelvis surgery. I learned to become extremely comfortable in the application of the Heuter approach for a wide variety of hip pathologies. While gaining experience in trauma work, I became familiar with the philosophy and surgical stratagem of Letournel. Following my work under Dr. Matta, I returned home to work with my father, Dr. Jeffrey Mast. I had some very invaluable time working alongside my father in a private orthopedic practice in Reno, Nevada. During this time, I continued to perform complex procedures of the pelvis and acetabulum, as well as anterior approach arthroplasty. “My father taught me to practice good medicine… and to treat each patient as if they are my own family.”